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We provide Field Engineers, Smarth Hands and Onsite Techs, store, send, and receive parts, provide deskside support, perform site surveys and install IT equipment, in the Netherlands.


field engineers

Trained professional techs working at the customer site on specific projects. Our field engineers are available in the Netherlands and other European countries, for shorter or longer periods, fulltime or parttime.

smart hands

A lot of work can be done remotely these days, but when it comes to physical replacement, you need smart hands on-site to assist you in troubleshooting, replacing or installing equipment. We have professionals who are your hands, eyes and ears on location and understand their role and the importance of it.


On-Site techs

Troubleshooting, replacing faulty parts, (re-)installing equipment, power cycling a router, server or switch and soft-booting a server are just a few examples of the type of work we do.

datacenter specialists

Datacenter specialists who have experience unpacking, racking, and stacking of datacenter equipment, re-wiring and labelling of cabling, patchpanels, routers, switches and servers. Professionals who are neat, precise and meticulous.


Taking care of your business with local knowledge

frequently asked questions

Below some commonly asked questions about our services, however feel free to contact us to discuss your IT needs with us in the Netherlands. We’ll be happy to help you. Contact us now.
What SLA’s do you offer?

We offer different types of SLA’s, among them:

  • 8x5x4 – 4 hours response during office hours
  • 12x5x4 – 4 hours response during office hours and beyond (08.00-20.00 hrs for example)
  • 24x7xbe – best effort response times 24×7
  • etc.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Where are you located?

IMPLI-CIT IT Services currently has 1 office located in Cruquius, within a 30 minute drive from both the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam itself. All our techs are dispatched from this location.

Major cities in the Netherlands, such as Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam can be reached by car within 1 hour. Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium) can be reached within about 2 to 3 hours.

Through Amsterdam Schiphol airport, all major cities in Western Europe, such as Paris (France), Hamburg (Germany), Munich (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden) can all be reached within a 2 hour flight from Amsterdam.

What are some typical jobs you do?

IMPLI-CIT IT Services has provided the following services for customers:

  • Retail locations and exhibitions:
    • Installation of large displays
    • Replacement and/or of IT equipment
    • Inventory and troubleshooting of complete stores
    • Troubleshooting and assisting remote support
  • Offices
    • Replacement and installation of switches and routers
    • Troubleshooting and assisting remote support
  • Datacenters
    • Unpacking, racking and stacking of server racks
    • Installation of routers, switches and servers into existing racks
    • Wiring of patch- and serverracks
    • Labelling and documenting
    • Troubleshooting and assisting remote support
What services do you offer?

IMPLI-CIT IT Services offers several different, but related, services, such as:

  • Field Engineers – techs working at your customers’ site, usually for several days or weeks.
  • Smart Hands – local techs to assist your remote support team troubleshooting problems.
  • On-site Techs – techs to install or replace equipment in offices and retail locations for example.
  • Datacenter Specialists – professionals working at datacenters, racking and stacking equipment and related work.
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