Field Engineers, Smart Hands and Datacenter Specialists…

On demand, onsite, 24/7

dispatched to datacenters, retail- and office locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Field engineers

Senior Techs with at least 5 years practical IT experience.

Smart Hands

Medior Techs who are the local extension of your remote engineers.

On-Site Techs

Low level techs for simple installations and defective parts replacements.

Datacenter specialists

to rack, stack, cable and label equipment in your datacenter.

Based near Amsterdam, available across Europe

Wherever you need us in Europe, we can go.

Need on-site techs or smart hands?

IMPLI-CIT IT Services has been providing field engineers, smart hands, on-site techs and datacenter specialists in the Netherlands for many years. Globally operating IT Service providers with customers in Europe have been making use of our reliable and flexible IT Services and you can too.

Whether once, once-in-awhile or on a regular basis, contact us now.

Why use our services?

Because we’re Fast, Flexible, Discrete Skillful and Precise. Try Us.

Fast Response

If you need us, we’ll be here for you. Get in touch and speak directly to the people who do the planning; no fancy offshore call centers or answering service.

Skillful & Precise

Techs with the right attitude who not only speak your, and the local language, but understand where you’re coming from.


Discretion is very important to us and our techs as we often work on new projects for global customers.


Flexibility is key to our services. Your requirements may change at a moment’s notice because of factors outside your control. We’ll still be here for you.
Your IT Services Partner In The Netherlands